The Steward’s Counsel (Bonus)

Coming into the Land of Shadow, I run into a bit of a problem. If we have Frodo, Sam and Faramir as our heroes, how do we make up our count to seven? Well with two out of the three scenarios taking place on the borders of Gondor, it would make sense to fill up our quota with heroes from that land. And given the broad scope of all three scenarios, focussing on locations, mass combat and a boss enemy respectively, the wide range that Gondor can cover will serve us there too.

Now I’m going to get this said now, I’m not taking Boromir. His Leadership version is too narrowly focussed and his Tactics version will steal the show, which I want to be centred around Frodo and Sam. I may take his ally version, but not as a hero for now.

As for the other heroes, Denethor is the obvious choice to start things off. His role as Steward means his influence could theoretically be felt across all three scenarios, best represented by his Lore version. Beregond is an easy second choice, his high defense will be invaluable against all the high attack enemies we’ll be coming across, which leaves us two left to choose. Given the location of the second quest is Ithilien, opting for Mablung and Damrod are the obvious ones to go for, and will help with our cost-curves a good bit as well.

So all that remains is how to explain this within the narrative of the story. We know Denethor wanted the Ring in Gondor for safekeeping, and it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine his divining its location at the Council of Elrond, given he sent Faramir there. Now this provides the perfect excuse to get Gondorians trying to intercept the Ring and so come across our heroes as they attempt to cross The Dead Marshes.

And so to cross that narrative bridge I leave you Chapter XIV: The Steward’s Counsel.

FFG- Denethor

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