Contents: Campaign Log

Deck One Deck Two
Sam Gamgee; Tireless Ranger Faramir (Lore)
Pippin (Lore) Rossiel
Galadriel Arwen Undomiel
Fallen Heroes Threat Penalty
 Gimli (Tactics)


Theoden (Spirit)


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Scenario Title Score Boons Earned Burdens Earned
Chapter I: A Shadow Of The Past  129  Gildor Inglorion  Gandalf’s Delay
Chapter II: The Old Forest  127  Old Bogey-stories  
Chapter III: Fog On The Barrow-Downs 136  Ho! Tom Bombadil!  
Chapter IV: A Knife In The Dark  116  Tireless Ranger: Sam


Valiant Warrior: Merry

Chapter V: Flight To The Ford  112   Panicked


Weight Of The Ring

Chapter VI: The Council Of Elrond


Chapter VII: The Ring Goes South

 113 Sting


Mithril Shirt



 Lust for the Ring
Chapter VIII: Journey In The Dark  123    Pursued by the Enemy


Overcome by Grief

Chapter IX: Breaking Of The Fellowship  155 Phial of Galadriel


Leaf-wrapped Lembas

 Followed by Night
Chapter X: The Counsel of Wormtongue


Chapter XI: The Uruk-hai

114 Intimidation: Merry


Forewarned: Aragorn

Chapter XII: Helm’s Deep 189   Poisoned Counsels


Poisoned Counsels

Chapter XIII: The Road To Isengard 162 Palantir of Orthanc Saruman’s Voice
Chapter XIV: The Steward’s Counsel


Chapter XV: The Passage Of The Marshes

162   The Searching Eye


The Searching Eye

Chapter XVI: Journey To The Cross-Roads 159 Brace of Coneys


Brace of Coneys

Haradrim Soldier
Chapter XVII: Shelob’s Lair 186   A Heavy Burden
Chapter XVIII: The Palantir


Chapter XIX: The Passing Of The Grey Company

134 Army of the Dead  
Chapter XX: The Siege Of Gondor 112 The Corsair Fleet (5 resources)  
Chapter XXI: The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields 106 Esquire of Gondor


Esquire of Rohan

Wraith on Wings


Wraith on Wings

Chapter XXII: The Choices of Master Samwise


Chapter XXIII: The Tower of Cirith Ungol

Chapter XXIV: The Black Gate Opens 287 Gwaihir  
Chapter XXV: Mount Doom 168