The Appendices

“The third volume was of course completed years ago, as far as the tale goes. I have finished such revision, as seemed necessary, and it will go to be set up almost at once. In the meanwhile I am giving what fragments of time I have to making compressed versions of such historical, ethnographical, and linguistic matter as can go in the Appendix.”

-J. R. R. Tolkien, Letter 160

And so at the end of the Saga we come, and the question becomes: what next? Having completed the main thrust of the quests following the narrative of the story, I have been afforded a great deal of freedom of where I can go next. I have asked people where and when we should turn our attentions, and the vast majority have recommended a move to looking at The Hobbit quests, which we shall certainly be undertaking.

But here we shall also see some of the other stories, the individual chapters that can be told as self-contained adventures not intrinsic to any of the campaigns or cycles, and take a view of the wider scope of Middle-Earth. Once again, the name of the scenario takes you to the narrative, while the score takes you through to the Playthrough Report.

Peril in Pelargir: 126

Massing at Osgiliath: 117

Grima Goes South: 106

Hunt for the Dreadnaught: 93