The Hobbit

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit…”

And thus began the published legendarium of one of the greatest literary minds of our age. This was the first step into Middle-earth for many of us, and so we were swept off onto the Road leading to the Lonely Mountain and back again on an adventure that we are as likely to forget as Bilbo himself.

The chief joy I derive from this card game is the ability to tell new stories with the tools given to us. Those of you who have read anything else on this blog will know I have spent the past few years retelling the Lord of the Rings Saga through lens of this card game, under the premise of Gandalf’s absence. And now the time has come to tell a new story, a simpler story, an older story. But you know I will seek to retell The Hobbit with a twist, and so the question now becomes ‘What will change? How will this be different?’ To that I will simply wish you a ‘Good morning.’ and invite you to read on.